Habitat is now open! However, the City of Ketchum and Blaine County are moving through the phases to return to normal at a bit different rate than many other areas in Idaho. Therefore, not all services, events or activities are open and some are operating under guidelines or restrictions. Click on the link to the Visit Sun Valley Website for the latest announcements and information as to what is open, what is planned, and current COVID-19 information: Visit Sun Valley.  

Please note that the YMCA cannot allow people inside the facility unless they have quarantined in place in Blaine County for 14 full days prior to entering. As this is unlikely possible for our timeshare visitors and owners, we are very sorry to announce that the YMCA services are suspended until further notice.





Habitat is following the protocols written by the Blaine County lodging association and approved by the city of Ketchum and the health department. We are following these guidelines carefully to make your stay at Habitat as safe as we can.  Please note that the following items have been removed from all units (and will be provided at check in or are available if needed from the office):



  • Extra towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, tissues, and bar soap.
  • Dish soap
  • Hand soaps
  • Dishwasher pods
  • All magazines, comment cards, pens, playing cards, and instruction books
  • The only thing you will find in the hall closets are spa towels.
  • Removable rugs
  • Inflatable mattresses
We ask that you leave all appliances plugged in (toaster, coffeemaker, and alarm clocks) this will help our housekeepers to reduce contact with surfaces you may have touched.
Our cleaning protocol now includes spraying disinfectant on all non porous surfaces, allowing it to sit on the surfaces for 10 minutes, and then cleaning with our regular cleaning chemicals. We will wipe down all remote controls, light switches, and door knobs with disinfectant.
The handrails and doorknobs will be sprayed down several times during the day depending on how busy we are.
The spa will also be wiped down with disinfectant daily. The spa will remain open for now, unless we hear from the city or health department that we have to close it down.
In your unit you will find a Ziploc bag, with dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher pods, and hand sanitizer.  At the end of your stay, these items will be refilled and disinfected for the next guest.
If you need extra paper products, linens, or an inflatable mattress, call Nick or Tamara and we will bring these things to you.
Most businesses are requiring masks so please make sure you have them when you go into town.
Thank you for your support.  Together we will navigate this new normal and Habitat will be better than ever!
Tamara, Nick, Mallory, Janet, Milagros, Melba, and Dominique
Tamara 208-339-5835
Nick 208-309-8292


Please contact Habitat management if you have any questions or concerns regarding your stay with us: Tamara, General Manager of Habitat

Also, you are welcome to contact our Board of Directors at: Habitat Board – Contact and Support.