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Habitat on Trail Creek



Habitat is a timeshared facility that offers a limited number of deeded weeks for a very reasonable price. Habitat owners enjoy many flexible use programs that enhance the value of their ownership.


We offer an in-house exchange service to assist owners with arranging exchanges to other resorts. Habitat is also affiliated with Interval International.

Homeowners Association

The Homeowners Association has a thirty-year history of forward-looking management and exceptional fiscal responsibility. The general and on-site management team have a combined 40 years of service to Habitat owners and guests.


Weekly and nightly rentals are available at rates considerably lower than other similar properties. Compare Habitat’s $200 nightly rate for a two bedroom, two bath condo with many additional features with the cost of a motel room in downtown Ketchum with two queen beds, a microwave oven and a mini-fridge at $235 a night.

Call Richard at 208-221-1087 or 208-232-0900 to learn more about the many exciting vacation ownership opportunities available at Habitat on Trail Creek.